Cody - the dog days are over

Mark Rowlands - Mark, born 1961 Newport, Wales, is a Welsh writer and philosopher. He is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Miami, and the author of several books on the philosophy of mind, the moral status of non-human animals, and cultural criticism. His bestseller "The philosopher and the wolf" describes his life with the wolf Brenin Mark adopted and lived with for 12 years. More info at: University of Miami

Cristina Paun - Cristina saved approximately 6-8'000 lifes in Targoviste, Romania, after the killing law was im posed in 2014. She was the one who saved Cody from the streets. By now, she runs 3 shelters in Targoviste with currently more than 1'500 dogs waiting for an adoption. All of this summed up in the "Wonderland" - Organization, a wonderful institution in Romania, helping not only dogs, but all animals in need.

Martin & Selina Skalsky - Martin is taking care of Cody since 2014 with Selina, his wife. The married couple was going through many challenges with Cody, trying to find out more what Cody brought to their life as change. By now they have a baby daughter called Mila.

Marsha Hickott - Marsha gives temporary homes for dogs from Romania, working for the organization Barking Mad Dog Rescue. She currently lives with three dogs in her house - one of them is Blanche, the long year female companion of Cody on the streets of Targoviste.

Sonja Dänzer - Sonja, born 1979 in Zurich, holds a Ph.D. in Philosophy - lining out her main emphasis on Fair Trade and Social Business concepts. She is founder of "The Green Fairy" - producing vegan ice cream. More info at

Maike Maja Nowak - Maja, born 1961 in East Germany, has lived many years in a far off village in Russia with a wild dog pack. She has published four books on her work with humans and dogs so far. She's an internationally well known life teacher for humans and dogs. More info at

Pascal Schmid - owner of a dog sitting and training company in Zurich, Switzerland. He's also breeding continental bulldogs and has his own view on a human-dog companionship: it just simply needs to work. Otherwise it's frustrating for both sides. More Info at

Noëlle Fueter Stahel - Before turning her true passion into her job, Noelle Fueter-Stahel was a banker. She now takes care of dogs in her kennels and runs the dog school "Citydogs" in Zurich. She also founded Citydogs4Streetdogs, taking care of stray dogs in Romania. More Info at