The film

Cody - the dog days are over

A feature length documentary about the human - animal relationship. We are telling the story of the Romanian stray dog Cody, who happened to turn things upside down for a young familiy. By giving animals the respect they deserve, we'll highlight the big picture in the film. This documentary will tell us humans more about who we are and why dogs are who they are. And, it will change the worldwide perception of street dogs.

We are happy that we're supported by famous organizations like "Territorio de Zaguates" in Costa Rica, "Wonderland" in Romania, "Citydogs4Streetdogs" in Switzerland and the well known life teacher for humans and dogs - Maike Maja Nowak.


Adopting an animal into your life can be a life changing experience. The documentary film "Cody - the dog days are over" researches the possibilities and the accompanying conflicts and dilemmas when adopting street dogs and trying to treat all beings with equal rights. Taking their past and emotions in consideration. There is no guarantee for success. But if man wants to qualify as the greatest creature on earth, it comes with responsibilities.

Cody is an adopted Romanian street dog. He had a long journey and so did his human companion. They want to share the learnings they had along the way and support shelters around the world so more dogs can find a loving home. Sharing their example of how profound a human-animal bond can be, they aim to inspire more people to adopt, or at least pay a visit to their local shelter.

This documentary is bound to raise awareness that everyone deserves a second chance, no matter their past.