Cody - the dog days are over

Martin Skalsky - Director & Author, Producer. Martin was born in Zurich in 1977. He's been working in the film industry for over 10 years. He met Cody in Berlin through his studio work before the dog has started to turn things upside down for him. Now he wants to tell Cody's story.

Rudolph Isler - Producer. Owner of Playground Media Ltd. based in Zurich and winner of 'The Audience Award’ at Zurich Film Festival 2016 with the documentary “Dying to Live" by Rebecca Panian. He is a member of Swissfilm Association and Vice President at IQ - The International Quorum of Motion Picture Producers.

Serkan Tastemur - Executive Producer. Serkan co-produced the Serbian film "Odumiranje", running in the international competition of Karlovy Vary Film Festival 2013. He's been acting in various TV- and feature film theatrical releases and will be our executive producer on "Cody". He loves dogs!

Njazi Nivokazi - Director of Photography. Njazi has mainly worked as a photographer and brings his aesthetic eye into motion pictures now. He's been holding a cam since he was a little boy.

Patrick Salama - Director of Photography. Versatile and enthusiastic D.O.P. with a wealth of creative & technical skills, with a wide range of demanding roles from 15 years experience.

Sascha Alexander Birrer - First AD. Sascha has a broad experience as an Assistant to the Director, i.e. for Mathias Schweighöfer in "Der Nanny". He's also acted in various roles on TV and feature film releases such as "Schlussmacher" or "Kokowääh 2"

Mojca Vidmar - Social Media & Crowdfunding Campaign Manager. Mojca is the good soul of our project. She's a helping hand at every corner. With her experience in communication she makes it easier for us to communicate. And, of course she loves dogs!

Anna Ribaut - Fund Raising. Anna is talking to foundations and other possible supporters for our film. And, she's followed Cody from day one of his arrival in Switzerland and has been in love with him ever since.

Mourad Keller - Sound. Mourad does a lot of sound work on set in Switzerland and abroad. Lately he's been helping Michael Steiner with his comeback film as a director: "Wolkenbruch".

Özgür Sakar - Sound. Özgür has worked as a sound guy, D.O.P., editor and much more on various projects. Whenever something is needed - he has it.

Christoph Lemmen - D.O.P. Berlin Unit