"Cody - the dog days are over" is a film about what a rescued dog can bring to your life and the power of street dogs. We also want to help people adopt dogs and support them in finding the right way to do it. The first address for us is obviously one of our main protagonists in the film: Cristina Paun. Currently she has more than 1'500 dogs in her 3 shelters in Targoviste, waiting for you to adopt them. They can travel to pretty much everywhere if they are offered a decent forever home.

If you wish to contact and support our protagonist Cristina Paun, please do so!

DIRECT e-mail to Cristina Paun: e-mail

Here are some images of dogs we met at Cristinas "Wonderland" - Organization during our last film shoot there in July 2017. If you're interested in adopting a wonderful dog from her, please contact her through the following facebook-site: Targoviste Sufletel

Cristina will be able to give you first advise of what is important when adopting a dog from her. She makes profound checks of the adopters situation and if she can give away one of her dogs that she saved with all her heart. She must know that the dogs are safe wherever they go.